ESSLLI 2019 Grant Application

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Open until 05.05.2019.

The application should contain:
- ESSLLI 2019
Grant Application Form (to be printed and signed by the applicant and an endorsing faculty member who is well acquainted with the applicant, e.g., a thesis supervisor),
- Proof of valid student status,
- Letter of Motivation, including an explanation of financial need if applicable (maximum 2 pages),
- CV (maximum 2 pages).
The above documents must be combined into a single pdf file (Please provide as a title your student level: BA/MA/PhD/Other; and as keywords your grant type(s): fee waiver, accommodation, travel. You can list one or more types of grants).

We will send you the notification until May 19, 2019 and you will be required to go to the registration site in order to complete the registration process in accordance with the results.

For any questions please use the following email address: esslli2019@lu.lv

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